The ceremony pilgrimage to the Cross of the Third Millennium
“Baptism gift of Mercy”

“Time is running out …” and this year we have a 10th Anniversary hill Cross of the Third Millennium in Ropczyce Street Borki Chechelski. This place attracts every year, more and more people who want to look not only on the world of nature, but also the mystery of God’s love for the man who first takes out his hand. This truth shows us the entrance gate to the square, which has become a church without walls. To the temple, where the altar of the Cross, we bring our anxieties, suffering and experience of our spirit, to silence, contemplation and prayer to entrust to God. Children, youth and family come to this place to get out strengthened spiritually, which remind us of the words of St. John Paul II placed on the gate “We are called to victory.” How is it intended to achieve that reminded us of the Pope Francis, when visited with us during the World Youth Days.

In the Year of Charity in selected churches cross the gates of Mercy. That’s why we look at the door at the cross, which shows symbolically the beginning of the Savior’s life, that is, from the Annunciation to Mary, until the birth of the Lord Jesus, and therefore has a height of 9 meters, equivalent to 9 months of life in the womb.

After the birth of the Lord Jesus, who grew in wisdom and grace and then begin public teaching of baptism, which took from the hands of St. John the Baptist. This event is shown in the newly-built font, in the form of figurines, which washes the water flowing from the rocks green color – the hope and the open road, and it teaches us that water baptism cleanses us, purifies and sanctifies. Theme font here also refers to 1050 anniversary of the baptism of our nation, which shows the engraved inscription on the granite tables.

The third installment of the font is a reminder of baptism every person who calls himself a Christian. The baptismal font is made of granite rotunda and its content and the year in progress, like the inscription: “Baptism gift of Mercy.” It’s mercy, which is said Pope Francis eloquently expressed in the book Auschwitz camp: “Lord, have mercy on your people.”

This font is the same thank God for the baptism of Polish, the Jubilee Year of Charity and for my personal baptism.

Therefore, during the ceremony, we will renew our baptismal promises and thank you for coming to us, the Vicar of Christ in the person of Pope Francis, who own person, by word and deed showed that Christ acts as a middle man. I think this also experienced young people from all over the world who came to our country, and the Cross of the Third Millennium, there were also representatives from three continents: North and South America and from 6 European countries.

Thus, the newly built font, symbolically inscribed in the cross, as shown in the next sacrament visual version. We must therefore see the eyes of faith on the basis of the Cross following sacraments: said Baptism, Confirmation – it shows the power of the cross, which I profess and maturity manifest in everyday situations, and makes us aware of this horizontal beam of the cross with a length of 10 meters, symbolically recalling the behavior of the 10 commandments whose criteria are valid forever.

The third sacrament is the Eucharist, which is very clear and eloquent, and from the ground and from the height of heaven, which shows the cup. The basis for the cup is the gate, and the bowl was inscribed cross. Looking at the cross of the gate, we see the host, and entering the elevator to the gallery illustrating the globe, we have the impression, and a reminder that the Eucharist is the gift of Jesus to reach the Heaven – that is my salvation. Inside the gallery at a height of 30 meters, which symbolically reminds us that the Lord Jesus began his public preaching of his baptism. Inside the gallery, from the chapel known as the Cenacle, is an altar, and above it 5 clocks, symbolizing the five continents, and they are inscribed Stations of the Cross. The altar reminds that Jesus Christ offered himself to the Father in sacrifice for the salvation of the world. Next to the clock is a picture showing the suspension bridge and the inscription: “Pontifex Max.” (From j. Latin. “High Priest” or “builder of bridges”). This title is often attributed to Jesus and the cross became the bridge between heaven and earth. For this Pope Francis encouraged us to build bridges, not walls and build a different world – better.

Up to this point I would like to invite you to the celebration of the Holy Cross, which will be celebrated in the spirit of thanksgiving ending the Year of Charity and the anniversary of Polish Christianity. Here, the cross prepare every year to the Jubilee of Redemption (2033). “Time is running out …”

On the day of the ceremony, which will take place on 11 September 2016. (Sunday) at. 11.30, to the Cross of the Third Millennium, with three places venturing Cross Roads:
– With Ropczyc – Borders
– Of Ropczyce – Chechel (early hours. 10.00 at the Cross ul. 3 Maja toward Warblers)
– With cooking Łaczek

Way of the Cross tempers the spirit and teaches how to follow Christ and to Christ, and is part of the Gospel, in the words of Pope Francis to be for us, “Navigator and encouragement not to close their lives in the drawers, because the encounter with Jesus changes lives and helps in waking faith. ”

We must constantly remind that the entire Polish history is built on fidelity to the cross, and this allows us to see the good in the nation, go with hope towards the future and reveal new horizons and ways to travel in this manner “Highway to Heaven”

Celebrations of pilgrimage, during which will be dedicated to the baptismal font, will be presided over by Fr. dr. Jerzy Buczek – Chancellor of the Diocese of Rzeszów.

At a joint celebration invites ks. Wojciech Styczyński – guardian of the Cross of the Third Millennium.