Highway to Heaven – K47


Coming to the Third Millennium Cross,  a sign can be seen which informs that through the gate the road is called HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN. The name was often used by Jesus Christ when, at 30 years old, He preached the Good News of salvation. It is symbolized by the observation deck on the Cross which  can be accessed by an elevator (operating from May to October 4-7pm)

The highway is K47-K for cross and 47- the height of the cross. Before getting into the elevator “to heaven” one should stop in the Cenacle. There will be found the stations of the cross and a stone alter behind which one can see a bass relief depicting the Last Supper. (open on Saturdays and Sundays 3-7pm). Every Mass commemorates the event and words spoken: “THIS IS MY BODY …”, “THIS IS MY BLOOD… “ , “DO THIS IN MEMORY OF ME…” and we are invited to celebrate it every Sunday. John Paul II on his pilgrimage to the Holy Land where he celebrated Mass with other bishops on the 3rd of March 2000 said that the cenacle is the source of the Church. Thus, in this place we may receive special blessing and strength from the risen Lord, who wishes

“…that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” In the the Acts of the Apostles it is said: “ They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” To complete the task, we celebrate the Eucharist every first Sunday of the month from May to October. We start at 3pm with the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy followed by Holy Mass. All are welcome.

In the Cenacle in Jerusalem, St. John Paul II said: “The Eucharist is both a banquet of communion in the new and everlasting Covenant, and the sacrifice which makes present the saving power of the Cross. And from the very beginning the Eucharistic mystery has always been linked to the teaching and fellowship of the Apostles and to the proclamation of God’s word, spoken first through the Prophets and now, once and for all, in Jesus Christ.”

May these words and our meetings at the Cenacle and by the Third Millennium Cross help us grow and mature in holiness, which is reminded from up above by our Pope JPII, and what we will be praying for after every Mass by saying the prayer “Anioł Pański”.



Eucharist will be celebrated on

7 May 2017 at 3pm

4 June 2017 at 3pm

2 July 2017 at 3pm

6 August 2017 at 3pm

3 September 2017 at 3pm

1 October 2017 at 3pm




ks. Wojciech Styczyński